My Abortion, My Activism: The Impact of Stigma

Posted on Nov 26, 2012 in Blog, Featured |

Melinda, one of GRJAN’s board members, was asked to write a blog post for the National Partnership for Women and Families on doing reproductive justice work in Georgia.

 I share this story because it highlights the impact abortion stigma has upon individuals having abortions as well as persons who are in any way associated with abortion—clinic workers, abortion doctors, abortion rights advocates, among many others. And it is without a doubt the stigmatization of abortion that plays the most detrimental role in organizing around abortion access initiatives in the Southeast, the so-called “Bible Belt,” where the religious and ideological imperative toward “protecting the sanctity of life” dominates.

You can check out the rest of the blog post here.

Congratulations to Melinda for writing such an excellent piece, and a huge thanks to the National Partnership for Women and Families for allowing Melinda this opportunity!